1. My Take on “Retake Mass Effect”

    After reading the latest news that the BBB is weighing in on the Mass Effect ending, I have to voice my opinion on “the internets”. I have not had many discussions with individual people about the ME3 ending, but I have read many articles on this topic since I can’t seem to get away from them. Hell, this got so big even Forbes magazine weighed in.  I think some people saw the Occupy Wall Street movement, got high, took it to left field and came up with “Retake Mass Effect”. This whole movement is incredibly disturbing to me.

    Firstly, I really love video games. They provide me a level of entertainment that is not easily rivaled by any other medium. Up until recently many RPG fans would agree BioWare is one of the greatest storytellers in the industry. The last thing I want is for the writers at BioWare (or any other studio) to become disenchanted and turned off from making great games, and giving us a great story in the process. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dragon Age 2, but I sure didn’t post that to any forum or tweet about it. I know I am not a good story teller, nor can I write game code or whatever their whole process is. So, I leave all of that to the experts and I think others should do the same. BioWare is not Burger King, so you’re not going to have it your way. This entire movement is adversely impacting the entire gaming industry in terms of it’s reach outside of just the normal gaming news outlets. We look like a bunch of damn toddlers throwing a tantrum.

    Secondly, the major theme in the midst of this debacle is one of “closure”, or in this case the lack thereof. Closure, from a game? You’re kidding me right? I would hate to date any of these people who are out there demanding “closure” or a new ending to the game because their behavior borders on Lifetime movie territory. All of the elements are already there: love, passion, end of relationship, stalking, harassment. All that’s missing at this point is someone going to jail and given the way things are going that may very well be coming soon. It’s over. Put on your big girl panties, big boy undies and deal with it!

    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for having an opinion. However, all of this negative attention being drawn to the gaming industry will prove to be detrimental in the long run.

    Disclaimer: I did not play Mass Effect 2 or 3. I do NOT have to have played them to know that people are being dicks.

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